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The next day the passion was repeated.

But it began not as yesterday. Yesterday I did not want to, and I can not listen “. He simply bent his wife in all sorts of bazaars in an unbridled impulse.

Today, sex began “from the other end. ” It turns out that my little-housewife can look sexy and in her house robe. The flickering gleam of the eyes and the weary of quiet dialects now suddenly settled in my Faye-Fanzil.

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Mother froze.

“Ma, yes, I just felt it. ” Do not be a fool, I will distinguish a whole from a woman.
Mother calmed down, stretched out

I thought. ”
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– All right, hide it.

Well, find in your web about men, I’ll see.
And we looked at men’s intimate haircuts, discussed them, compared them with women’s.

Mother waved her hand
– Everything, I’m going to sleep. Has seen enough.

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