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Svetlana Stanislavovna entered the coaching room, – well, at least you closed the door.
-Oh, I’m sorry Light, there’s just been a lot of stuff lately.

-Oh well, I understand, you just shut the door, or suddenly the schoolboy will come in, or worse or worse, our dummy.
– She already managed to spoil my mood today.

-Tanush, let’s do it later, otherwise the lesson has begun, we must run, here on the third, pour out my soul, I have cookies with me
Svetin’s lesson was boring, 10a filled exercises, and she was busy filling the magazine, occasionally glancing at the class, her eyes lingered on Lesha who now openly wrote a note to his friend Misha.

-Misha what you’re writing there, anu pass the note to me.
– That’s not Svetlana Stanislavovna, there’s nothing interesting.

“You say nothing well, well, let’s see”
-Then throw it into the trash. Chats webcam atult russian federation girls.

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