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Vika and Alexei did not hurry around the city, the girl boasted what her capable students in the class, and Alexey talked about his fascinating work in Holland.

Suddenly, Alexei said: “Vika, look, we did not notice after conversations how we got to my house. ” Let’s go get some tea.
“Come on, I’m only for,” the girl muttered in response.

Alex went in first, turned on the light, the girl came in after and froze in surprise, she hit like a museum, everywhere there was furniture of the eighteenth century, on the walls of the fun pictures of famous authors and small sculptures, especially the girl struck an ancient phone, swallowing saliva, Vika quietly asked: – Lyosha, did you bring me to the museum?
– No, this is our five-room apartment of 247 square meters.

– This is not an apartment, but a whole palace, now I understand why you want to get married, they need a housekeeper.
– No, there is a servant, my father pays her a good salary, and besides after the wedding, we’ll live with you in another apartment on the metro station “Falcon”, the area there is at least 144 square meters.

“Thank you. ”
– You misunderstood everything, my parents set the conditions for me, if I do not marry within a year, they will write off this state to the state.
“I understand, do you need a fictitious marriage?”
– Well, yes, and you are a very suitable candidate.

“Very well, I agree. ” But just what will I have with this deal?
– Everything, an apartment on “Falcon” and a summer residence.

– I agree, I’ve long dreamed of leaving my parents.
“Then, as the wedding was decided next week and it’s over, let’s celebrate our engagement. ”
“Lyos, is room na simpler?” Drinking in museums is somehow not ethical.

– Vika, I’m sorry, let’s take off your coat and go, I’ll show my room. Babes online chat.

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